The Gallery of Grumpkins

2009 Season
Seymour Grazoo

2008 Season
Heywood Floyd
Edgar Grawthorne

2007 Season
Benton Grossley
Newton Grossbeek
Rubin Grogsworth
"Big Al" Paquale
Horace Burly
Arthur Grady

2006 Season
Morton Grinagan
Morris Grunday
Harvey Grooben
Marvin Greebles
2005 Season
Waldorf Theodore Twilliger
Wally Gelnore
Herman Graffles
Melvin Grizzles
Oswald Groobermen Jr
Spenden Bargeld
2004 Season
Fredie Oyama Growloon
Mr. Wooton Grumpoa
Anthony "Scratch" Fury
Tippy Dinero
2003 Season
Wendell Tewilliger
Boris Potempkin
2002 Season
Billy Curmudgeon
Felix Grackles
Gordon Grundelore
2001 Season
Cornelius Grundblat
Wilford Grumbly
2000 Season
The Grinch
Chunx the Squirrelly
Lester Lemonzest
The Baron Otto VonCawCaw
Other Fruits
Leonard Grumpkin
Chester The Squirrely

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