I have always said that the creation of a Grumpkin is not a mere performance but an epic adventure. Heywood will redefine that statement at 5 days epic is an understatement. Tuesday it begins with a last minute dash before the storm to grab him. With help he's unloaded and the tower erected. I emerge from the cavity about 1am this is a faultless Grumpkin with no cracks but his dense flesh leaves him thin. I awake to snow but only a few inches, throughout the day I'm shaving away but it's very inclement so it's dark before I pour it on. The flesh wounderful but cannot be pushed as it just tore, so I must go slowly. Days pass and he emerges, I know I will be cutting for the kids on Halloween, this is epic. Pouring it on I have him done on one side, They come and go and I continue deep into the night. 1ish I pull away only to spend another day finishing late Saturday night. With so much material removed as mush it's a rough estimate Heywood at 789 lost 170lbs over the course of his 5 day odyssey.

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