I all my career I have wanted to carve a 1000 pound Grumpkin. In 2005 Andy Wolf reached a milestone raising the third largest in the world. Waldorf Theodore Twilliger was the Great Great Grandpa of Wendell who I carved in 2003. Weighing a colossal 1407.5lbs. (639.7kg) he was absolutely enormous. What it took to get him up on my porch on the Carvomat was no less than a feat of brute force medieval engineering. Yet the Grumpkin lives inside and Waldorf had a surprise for me. He was simply too ancient, gnarled and grumpy to want to come out and play. Yet all was not lost. By performing his autopsy I learned a great deal about the canyons, crevasses and caverns that form inside these huge pumpkins.

How he got up there
View Waldorfs Autopsy

The Carv-O-Mat spool is 42" (106cm) in diameter

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