Well after the the collapse of Wooton Grumpoa I had to pull some favors with my associates in the US to ship me out another Grumpkin. It's all about the connections. By Friday at 4:00pm Fredie had arrived. Thing is the whole event starts at 2:00pm the next day and this guy is 625lbs and weight 14% over the charts. I love them thick and Fred was 8" on the stem end. So it begins as I must one handed cut faster then I ever have so I pour it on for 11 straight hours till 3am. Tamoya and I say the hell with napping on the floor of the tent and head back to the hotel for a few disjointed hours of sleep. Morning was here in an instant and I carve like crazy for another 5.5 hours. Just in time to be wheeled out to the roar of the crowds.

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