Clay Ribbon and Loop Tools

Clay loop and ribbon tools are the most important tool to have when cutting a Grumpkin. The ribbon tools glide through the pumpkin flesh for fine detail work. The large loop tools are awesome at scraping down the surface to shape the contours of the Grumpkins. Depending on pressure applied they can hog down a 1/8" at a stroke or take off paper thin peals of pumpkin. In my opinion there is but a single manufacturer to consider when purchasing these tools. That would be my pals at Kemper Manufacturing. Special Thanks to Katie at Kemper for the all the extra effort they have put into helping me.

The Carve-O-Mat
Clean out and Measurement Aids
Clay Ribbon and Loop Tools
Lemon Zesters
The Zestomat Shavers
Surface Shapers
Xacto Routers

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