The Carve-O-Mat

As the years progressed and the Grumpkins grew larger it become evident that tables and other surfaces simply cannot take the strain of hundreds pounds of pumpkin. I had used a spool for years but back in 2002 with the arrival of the 880lb Billy Curmudgeon I knew that a new platform had to be developed. Built from a 42" cable spool the Carve-O-Mat has 12 heavy casters on it's base and 24 office chair casters under the 1 1/2 thick platter. Waldorf weighed over 1400 pounds and with a push I could rotate him with one hand.

Clean out and Measurement Aids
Clay Ribbon and Loop Tools
Lemon Zesters
The Zestomat Shavers
Surface Shapers
Xacto Routers

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