Meatmas 2009

After Several Massive Delmonicos I felt it was time to explore the goodness that is Slow Roasted Prime Rib! Cindy once again brings me nirvana in the form of 14.75lbs of Boneless Rib Roast. through the magic of the crisper drawer and NASA Grade Mylar Heat shields the Prime sheds 20% before jetting to the high plains of Arizona were it's undergoes a slow transformation to Meatmas. In a word BUTTERY!

Viva Las Meatmas

I take a break from the cooking thanks once again to the infinite kindness of my dear sister. Join Mr. Bubble and I as we enjoy five days of eating and greeting in the excessive opulence of Las Vegas!

Meatmas 2007

How could I possibly top a 13lb steak you ask? Why Cindy the Butcheress of MeatBarn made that easy with a whole Delmonico weighing over 17 pounds. With the usual insane preperations, the lovely log basks all day in the oven slowly and lovingly transforming itself into what can only be described as LIQUID MEAT MAGIC!

Meatmas 2006

Simply the most insane Meatmas to date a 13 pound whole Delmonico Steak flies 2222 miles to slow roast for hours in my sisters oven in Arizona. The experience can only be discribed as a Meat Induced Coma!

Meatmas 2005

This is the first time meat and me have traveled skyward to the bring the magic of Meatmas to my dear sister in Arizona. Tucked in my cooler is 9.58 lbs of Beef Tenderloin and a huge slab of Bacon, let's sear and season this beefy log of joy then wrap him in 2 pounds of bacon.

Meatmas 2004

Once again the joy of charity fill the season with gift of a 6.5 pound whole beef tenderloin from my jolly pal Barbara. Aged over the week in the crisper drawer. the insane log of filet minion is seasoning and seared by blowtorch. Then popped in the over for it's slow roasted ride to Meatmas.

Meatmas 2003

Meatmas come early that year with a surprise gift of food for Christmas from my sister Patricia. Witness the joy of half a boneless pork loin as it receives it's magic dustings for a scorching trip in to the 600° oven.

Meatmas 2002

This was the one that started it all. a delicious 6 pound standing rib roast. slow cooked and scrumptious it is transformed into Prime Rib for a Meatmas to remember.

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