Is that a real Pumpkin?

This is the number one question I get asked, and it's understandable why so many wonder. The answer is "yes go ahead and touch it" when they feel the cold sweaty flesh dewy with moisture they are instantly convinced. You see a Grumpkin lives inside a special breed of pumpkin called an Atlantic Giant. What makes my work so unique is in order to see him I must go inside and meet him personally.

In the early days when the fruits were mere babes the structure was not as much of an issue as it is today. I would have my vision and just dive into the creation. I learned by trial, error and catastrophe, that as the Grumpkins grow larger and larger they develop internal defects in the dill rings and ribs. Without knowing the precise location of these defects I could easily cut through and greatly reduce the longevity of the Grumpkin. Once the entrance is carved out I enter where I transcribe the locations to the exterior surface of the pumpkin with the use of a very thin steel pin. In addition I measure the thickness of the pumpkin by taking random locations and sticking the pin through the pumpkin until I feel it on the inside. 20-30s points are marked with the depth along with guide lines showing me the position of all the interior defects.

I tend to have a general visions when I meet them in the field or when I receive photos from growers far away. Today the voice of experience tells me that my vision is a mere reference. Until I have been inside and plotted the personality of the Grumpkin. This is why I cant take requests, though have been asked endless times. The Grumpkin lives inside and it is the exact way it grew that determines who the Grumpkin should be.

Back when the Grumpkins sat on my porch for weeks waiting for me to begin I would spend hours inking and shading the whole design. It was Billy that truly taught me that I could not force my will upon the pumpkin. After my experience with him I accepted the undeniable fact that the pumpkin chooses what it wishes to be, So I begins the days long journey to release the Grumpkin trapped inside. The skin is removed and slowly I carve and shave away pound after pound of pumpkin. Scooped swept and shoveled the peelings are off to the garbage can for weighing. A Grumpkin in his glory for only a day gracing the world for a short time before they begin to decompose and take on their final form, but rest assured each Grumpkin is an unique creation of consumable artwork.

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