The Secret Formula

It's taken over a decade of trial and error to develop my preservation technique. Is a multi step process that effectively turns the hundred of pounds of water within the Grumpkin's flesh into a preservation compound. See a Grumpkin is over ninety percent water and by applying these household items each day and if the weather stays cool. I can dehydrate the all the water over a years time to preserve the Grumpkin so I can keep him forever.

Day One

First thing we have to do is kill the the bacterial breaking down the cell walls. To do this I us antibacterial soap and a bottle 90% isopropyl alcohol. Step one is to dry the surface of the Grumpkin to facilitate the absorption of the soap. I put the alcohol in a spray bottle and douse him over and over. One the Grumpkin's surface water has been repelled, it's time to get gooey I then smear antibacterial soap all over the exposed pumpkin inside and out. Over the next day the Grumpkin will suck it in. Once the surface is dry you can move on.

Day Two

The antibacterial soap has penetrated the surface halting the processes of liquid gooification. Yet Fungi lurk everywhere. To combat them I fill my spray bottle with chlorine bleach, and begin in the morning. All through out the day I'm spraying him wet with bleach. Checking on him hourly reapplying the spray as soon as the Grumpkin has absorbed the bleach.

Day Three

I have observed over the years that as a Grumpkin rots certain tenacious molds would always appear first. After trying several household cleaners I found that Tilex will retard their growth. Once again the same protocols for the day before apply here. Now it's time the stand back and enjoy as he changes everyday. Over a years time the water slowly drifts away leaving them a 100th of the weight of what they once where.

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